So, after Phase 1 of the lottery, the Edmonton Oilers

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3. Do the Oiler want that? I’m not so sure. I don’t know how Gagner is perceived by other NHL clubs. If we perceive an impending and potentially serious problem, we have to at least try to raise an alarm and do something to try to avert it, even if it turns out later there wasn a great threat, or it wasn caused by what we thought. Is putting a thick cotton cloth over your face going to prevent you getting the virus? No, of course not; it not filtering nanoparticles, things can still get in or out of the corners, it doesn stop you from touching your face or an open sore, etc. I saw someone reasonably intelligent who was sharing a single paper a few weeks back with projected US death tolls to COVID 19, based on models with data that the researchers directly stated were incomplete.

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