Victoria Cimino, CEO of the Williamsburg Tourism

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cheap nfl jerseys As Virginia began its Phase 1 reopening, the Williamsburg Tourism Council is creating a new marketing campaign to attract travelers to an area that depends greatly on tourism.Williamsburg City Council on Thursdayheard a presentation from Visit Williamsburg on a new marketing strategy aimed to bring a quick return of visitors to the area.Victoria Cimino, CEO of the Williamsburg Tourism Council, said a national study showed the hospitality and tourism market would have a decline of 45 percent over the course of the next year, which would greatly impact Williamsburg.“But I do feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel,“ she said.The Tourism Council, prior to the pandemic, launcheda new marketing campaign aimed at bringing in tourists from across the country, including new markets such as Atlanta and New York City.Heading into the spring season, marketing was in „great shape,“ she said. There was a strong budget for the 2020 summer campaign, approximately $5 million over 2019’s budget, and occupancy in the area had hit 40 percent for the first time since 2007.“We were ready to go guns blazing into spring and summer before things changed,“ Cimino said. „We pulled Cheap Jerseys free shipping our advertising and had to adjust how we were going to function.“The Tourism Council changed its efforts to become a source of information and communication for people cheap nfl jerseys.