„This was done by a hateful person,“ her sister wrote

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Set WeatherThey found open bags of garbage strewn across the trunk lid, punctured tires, windshield damage and a derogatory remark and what appeared to be a skull scratched into the paint. Monday, when a neighbor spotted the damage.While police were investigating the scene, the victim’s landlord presented officers with a voicemail left by someone alleging there was illegal activity at the victim’s residence and that „the landlord should so something about it before the police do,“ according to a press release from Jackson police.It’s not known if that call is related to the vandalism and police did not elaborate on the caller’s claim.The victim posted on Facebook that she woke up to find the n word scrawled on her car, along with the other damage, and indicated that her landlord was getting threatening calls. The woman did not respond to requests for comment.Her sister posted images of the damage on Facebook.“This was done by a hateful person,“ her sister wrote.

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