„This is different than the plays we’ve been talking

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Super frustrating, Wentz said about his injuries. Still have zero games of postseason football under my belt. I realize I have a lot to prove in that regard. „This is different than the plays we’ve been talking about, the Dez Bryant play or the Calvin Johnson play,“ Dean Blandino, the league’s VP of officiating, said in a video posted to the NFL’s Twitter account. „This is not a receiver who’s going to the ground. The issue here is: Did he become a runner before the ball came loose? Did he have control, both feet down and then time enough to become a runner after the second foot is down?.

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„He isn’t disliked because he’s brown skinned. He’s disliked because it’s culturally hard to understand for most people,“ he said. „See, for many years, if you looked at the black quarterbacks thatwere accepted, it wasn’t about skill set. Those who argue that doing any of this plays into Trump’s hands politically are flat out wrong. That’s a demand that every American remain silent as rights they revere and rely on are chipped away by the creeping normalization of the reprehensible by this president. By that logic, fighting against injustice would be never okay..

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