Best of all, the Strong Intrpretation tours end with

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  • Beitrags-Kategorie:Uncategorized Their haul, which included a large assortment of clothing, food and tobacco, filled 12 three bushel bags and demonstrates that many bushranging raids were as much for their need of essential supplies as they were for more glittering bounty. Further, Smith reports the needs for their network of supporters was also being considered in choosing what to plunder from Levy Store, „for it is unlikely the bushrangers had any personal need for five pairs of lady gloves, and eight pairs of lady white stockings, or the scarlet petticoat, silk spencer and pair of stays“. After the raid, the bushrangers headed across the road to the inn where „the publican and barman claimed the bushrangers forced them to drink,“ while the gang „relieved all hands of their cash and valuables.“ 3.

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