As artists, we jump at the opportunity of free time

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cheap nba basketball jerseys But it also brings with it a unique opportunity to slow down, reflect, and re prioritize as we stay at home. As artists, we jump at the opportunity of free time to dive into our creative activities, often with a surge of inspiration, during difficult times like these.“As predicted, the artists did jump at the opportunity and now, following CDC guidelines, we can enjoy an exhibition of exactly what 40 of the members did.There is such a variety of works on display in the Hopewell Valley Bistro and Inn it would be interesting to know if the artists worked in this variety of genres prior to the shut down or if these were the fruits of their taking advantage of the extra time at home to delve into new avenues of expression.In addition to the paintings and drawings in traditional pigments and materials, there are quilted wall hangings, fused glass works, a paintbrush doll, pictorial netting, a walnut ink painting, and some done with markers. There’s a vintage postcard enhanced with embroidery floss, a poster or two, acrylic paintings on resin wood, photography, chalk, charcoal and pastel paintings, and carved stone works. cheap nba basketball jerseys

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