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W. Costello (1866 1935), a talented and highly skilled master penman from the Minooka section of Scranton (shown at left in 1906). Digitized images of these theatre related drawings are a highlight of the P. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeWhile working on the NHS frontline, Dr Chris van Tulleken gets a devastating call about his own twin brother.The infectious diseases doctor at UCLH in central London, the epicentre of treating the UK outbreak, never expected to see his identical twin while returning to frontline medicine for the Cheap Jerseys china first time in 10 years.After witnessing the horrific impact of the coronavirus pandemic on patients in intensive care, Dr Chris fears the worst when he discovers his brother, Dr Xand, has been rushed to hospital.Dr Xand, who has a background in humanitarian medicine and worked in disaster zones around the world, suffered the classic symptoms of a fever, loss of taste and a hacking cough when he contracted the virus.While recovering from coronavirus, Dr Xand started suffering from strange heart palpitations, which get so severe he needs urgent medical care.After waking up at 3am in a panic, Dr Xand felt incredibly ill and sick but it what is happening to his heart that terrifies his brother.UK coronavirus death toll up by 65 as number of daily new cases continues to growAfter some tests, doctors realise his heart is beating in a funny rhythm and his blood pressure is low.“It like my heart is doing a marathon and I sat here doing nothing,“ explains Dr Xand.They decide to give Dr Xand a huge electric shock which will stop his heart completely and allow it to restart naturally.But the biggest fear for Dr Chris is that he is not entirely sure his brother heart will start again.“When you a twin, we not telepathic, but Xand is half my identity. There no one I closer to,“ admits Dr Chris.“Oh f,“ screams Xand as he is shocked and jolts back on the bed.There are a few agonising seconds as Dr Xand flatlines, but eventually his heart beat gets back to normal.With tears streaming down his face, Dr Chris admits: „I wasn expecting the flatline for so long afterwards. It wasn nice watching it being done.“After waking up, a relieved Dr Xand thanks the NHS staff cheap nfl jerseys who saved his life, but fears for the future.“I got a real sense today of how unpleasant it is being ill.

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