Ward will return to the slot after his breakout

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The offense was quiet other than Adam Eaton’s RBI single in the third. It went hitless in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seven and eighth. A slight rally in the ninth, after Turner led off with a double, never scratched the scoreboard. Ask for advice, not a job. Don ask for a job, a request comes with a lot of pressure. You want your contacts to become allies in your job search, not make them feel ambushed, so ask for information or insight instead.

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State University, nation’s largest 4 year system, to teach remotely in fall Washington Post center Ferguson with coronavirussays Maryland can start first reopening phase Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said on May 13 that non essential businesses can reopen at 50 percent capacity starting May 15 after a decline of coronavirus hospitalizations. Prince George’s and Montgomery counties have opted not to reopen.

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