It also ended the Washington Redskins‘ season in

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Sherman and Wedge steer readers through it all without leaving anything essential out or dumbing things down. They smoothly and simply tell the backstories of Brady, Kraft, the franchise and Goodell. As Deflategate unfolds, Goodell’s behavior becomes increasingly unflattering.

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„This matter has been raised by some concerned Governments, not by WADA’s leadership, and as is the case with any proposal raised by a stakeholder, WADA has an obligation to consider it carefully,“ Banka said. „We will examine the rules to see if they need to be strengthened in light of the current situation. As always, due process will be followed and this will be a matter for discussion and consultation.“.

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Peyton Manning is a tough critic of himself, saying his play „stunk“ after Sunday’s 438 yard passing performance at New England. Manning wasn’t great. That’s true. „Our defense has just been exceptional all season long,“ Manning said. „They have led the charge for us to be here from the get go, from the first game against the Ravens, stopping them on the last drive, and making that game winning touchdown against the Chiefs [in Week 2]. Each game they’ve stepped up and done the job, and they were awesome [in the AFC playoffs] against Pittsburgh and against New England.

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