Last year, the Redskins averaged 17

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He leads all QBs in rushing grade this season, posting the second highest markof his career. He’s forced 10 missed tackles this season, up from six last year, and what’s perhaps most impressive is that not all that much of his production comes from scrambles. Just 222 of his 686 rushing yards this season have come when the initial play has broken down, meaning that designed runs for Newton are a significant part of Carolina’s offensive playbook they’ve called his number as a runner 102 times this season..

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Some will say that because sports are now a business, that they have to inject fun and celebration into the game to keep it from being stale and boring. Okay, I’ll buy that: sports is a business. And where I work is a business too. It seems unlikely that the Redskins will scrap the option elements of their offense altogether. Shanahan seems genuine in his expressed conviction that having those ingredients in the offense work in Griffin’s favor. If nothing else, Shanahan seems to want the threat of the option game to weigh on the minds of opposing defensive coaches and players.

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