Since the wavelength of microwave frequencies is

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„It was definitely weird for him not to be coaching here, he’s always in our mind It was definitely playing in his honor the whole time.“This past spring was supposed to serve as a sendoff for Grasso in what would have been his 36th and final season as head coach of the Golden Hawks, before all of that was canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic.Being a man of faith, Grasso didn’t spend much time focusing on what the pandemic cost him.“Before we even got to this point, I said, ‚You know what guys? All we have to do is pray. We have to pray that the sacrifices that we’re making can maybe get this to an end.‘ It was difficult, but what’s more difficult is people are suffering,“ Grasso said. „It’s emotional for me because I didn’t get to see them for a last time play and practice (as head coach).“Instead of giving one last pregame speech or postgame message, Grasso watched his former player and assistant coach Matt Corsi’s first day in charge, which ended in a back and forth 6 4 loss to Liberty, the defending District 11 Class 6A champ.“I was excited for Matt, of course.

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