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Because literacy doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with fighting crime. Before Agent J joins the MIB, he’s chasing a perp on foot and thrusts his police badge in their face. And that’s just the start of an hour and a half of epic Will Smith one liners.

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And the last thing I’ll say before we bring them in is this. If you have not left us a rating or review or both in iTunes, please do so. Let the world know that you like this show and that you think we’re doing a good job or if you think we suck, let us know that, too.

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In the days ahead, the administration must be better prepared to face others as well. In addition to the physical difficulties of enforcing a lockdown, there are also the psychological risks that need to be factored in. For example, so far the COVID 19 deaths in Kerala are one, but the deaths due to non availability of alcohol has led to seven suicides, one cardiac arrest and one death after a man consumed an aftershave lotion.As mentioned earlier, there are no checklists to refer to, because nowhere in the world has such a massive lockdown been done but, a sensitive and responsive administration will go a long way in tackling these problems.