The duo won a Super Bowls in the 2009 season

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Thanks to Russell Wilson’s MVP caliber start to the season, the Seahawks are 6 2 even though they’ve outscored opponents by only 12 points. Like many of the top teams in the NFC, Seattle has six games coming up against opponents who are.500 or better, and its biggest game is the Nov. 11 Monday night game at San Francisco.

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I was in our facility trying to get it loosened up. He’d been holding out for a new deal and he signed a six year, $141 million contract with the Bears that made him the league’s highest paid defensive player. And he put on a first half show Sunday night at Lambeau Field that made the Raiders‘ decision to trade him look even worse than it appeared at the time..

And taxpayers there may have more expenses in their future: Aclause in the team’s leaserequires the public to provide for any wholesale nfl jerseys upgrades that half of other NFL teams have, up to and includinga holographic replay system. New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson not only got Louisiana taxpayers to spend $376 million to renovate the Superdome, he arranged to be paid anadditional $18 million a year for deigning to allow his team to play football there. His team execs, as they could well afford to do.

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