From 2000 2010, the Colts put on one the NFL’s most

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Garcon was good on those slants into the end zone under Kyle Shanahan. He hasn’t forgotten how to run them. Coaches will spend the bye reviewing every aspect of the offense, and they’ll attempt to come up with some fixes to the first half problems. Drafted in 1998 with the first overall pick, Manning struggled in his rookie year as the team went 3 13. But the following season witnessed a turnaround as the young quarterback helped flip the chart to 13 3. From 2000 2010, the Colts put on one the NFL’s most dominant stretches, placing second behind the New England Patriots and winning on average 11 games per season.

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Late last year, speculation mounted that WWE owner Vince McMahon was considering another run at an alternative pro football league to the NFL, much as he did early this century with the innovative, if short lived, XFL. One wrestling observer pointed at Jan. 25 as the day McMahon could unveil his latest endeavor, and sure enough, that’s what happened Thursday afternoon..

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