A lot of her work through Instagram Live

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Pennies spend like dollarsWhile we no longer live in the days of penny candy, the copper one cent coin still spends. 100 pennies will purchase the same item a four quarters or one dollar bill, but for whatever reason most people ignore the old adage of „Find a penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck. This is more than likely because pennies are the lowest denomination of American money and seen as an indication of poverty.

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wholesale nfl jerseys Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced the inquiry the day after federal agents tear gassed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler during a protest Wednesday night outside a federal courthouse.At a broader level, the inspector general will review the way DOJ personnel have been used to respond to protests and civil unrest in both Portland and Washington over the past two months. The review will include agents‘ use of force as well as tear gas and „less lethal munitions“ a category that often includes items such as bean bag rounds and rubber bullets.Portland and Washington are among several large cities where federal agents‘ presence and aggressive tactics have stoked controversy. The mayors of at least five cities, including Portland and Washington, sent a letter to President Trump this week asking him to withdraw the agents, saying they were inflaming tensions.The agents‘ deployment by the Trump administration has prompted criticism from local and state leaders, who say the move is motivated more by political goals than by a desire to preserve law and order. wholesale nfl jerseys

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