Trends: Ohio’s coronavirus death total

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Cleveland has had 44 fatalities and 1,276 confirmed cases of the virus overall.Trends: Ohio’s coronavirus death total, including the first case for Lawrence County, increased 3.5% Wednesday from 1,720 on Tuesday, while the case total was up 1.7% from 28,952, reports Rich Exner.Aisha’s Law: The Ohio House sent to the Senate on Wednesday a bill that would require police to screen domestic violence victims to determine whether they are at risk for murder by their abusers. Laura Hancock reports the House unanimously approved the measure known as Aisha’s Law, named for Aisha Fraser, who was murdered in November 2018 by her ex husband, former Cuyahoga County Judge Lance Mason.Plastic bags: A proposed bill that would block Cuyahoga County and other local governments from banning single use plastic bags took another step forward on Wednesday, advancing past a state Senate committee, Andrew Tobias reports. The legislation is cheap nfl jerseys meant to pre empt local governments from banning plastic bags, which proponents have done for environmental reasons wholesale nfl jerseys from china.