„These conversations, a lot of our meetings have to

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It isn’t something the coaches are pushing or steering, this is something the players have determined they want to do.“Before the pandemic hit, the Giants were executing a plan for Jones‘ development.Jason Garrett, who oversaw the NFL’s top ranked offense as Dallas Cowboys head coach and played a significant role in quarterback Dak Prescott’s development, was hired as offensive coordinator to shepherd Jones into Year 2.Introducing Giants Extra: Sign up for a free trial now. Get exclusive news, behind the scenes observations and the ability to text directly with reportersJerry Schuplinski, Tom Brady’s former quarterbacks coach, whom Jimmy Garoppolo credits with helping him develop into a Super Bowl caliber passer was hired to coach Jones.But now, with official workouts eliminated and teams limited to two hours of work per day via Zoom meetings, the Giants and Jones have had to what was the saying Judge learned from Bill Belichick? adapt or die.Or at least, adapt or fall behind.“These conversations, a lot of our meetings have to do with routes, trying to get on the same page,“ Jones said last month. „Trying to see things the same and talk through a lot of that, talk through a lot of those finer points.

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