If the regular season can be saved

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The major hurdle that many small businesses face in their life time is the loss of data that can be devastating if it occurs even once. The use of multiple servers dedicated, virtual and physical together further complicates the problem of data loss. Unfortunately, until the time that one comes out with a solution to get rid of so many servers and file storage units, one has got to rely on a cluster of workstations and servers to get their small businesses running smoothly..

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a five hour drive from Milwaukee or a seven hour trek from Detroit, contains just three percent of the state’s population. Once you’ve made it through the forests to the shoreline of Lake Superior, you’ll find swells that can reach up to a record 28 feet not what you’d expect in the Midwest, right? The biggest waves actually arrive in the winter (due to low pressure weather systems hovering over the lake), but late summer storms can churn up choppy six to eight footers as well. There are dedicated locals that take to the water year round, but you’ll never deal with congested lineups here..

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In the testing, the NHTSA used several of the same battery packs, recreating the side impact crash used in the May crash. Those crashes were meant to mimic narrow object, side impacts such as what would be sustained by hitting a tree or an electric pole, for instance. In the first of the crashes, there was no change in the battery after the impact.

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