And before Tampa Bay fans got the Buccaneers in 1976

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The idea of the proposal is to eliminate the violent collisions that take place with would be tacklers getting a running start before crashing into blockers far downfield. Under existing rules, members of the kicking team can get a five yard running start, and blockers can line up far enough away to turn and retreat before moving forward into their blocks. The model is to make the kickoff more like a punt, with blockers being forced to run down the field alongside the players they’re attempting to block..

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„Petty has put up some big numbers,“ Savage said. „But people will really question that because [Nick] Florence put up some great numbers there after Robert Griffin III left. How much of it is the system? It’s a quarterback friendly system. The tempo was high. They were moving around. It helped that we had some goal line, some red zone and some backed up so we really were using that end of the end zone because there is a weight room on the other side.

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