What are they you say? Well they are new and they

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My, was all she could say, and Max smiled. You have to talk to Briggs, he about to have a breakdown! He glared at Spriggy. One of the letter feeders just jammed at the Letter Center. Prepare a mixture of lemon juice or white vinegar, lukewarm water and a little bit borax. Apply on the stain and let it dry. Once the mixture is almost dry on the carpet, start scraping it off with a knife.

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30, 1905, edition of the Lima Times Democrat advised, you a little money to invest, buy a diamond. There nothing more stable in value; they never wear out or become second hand; and you can always turn them into cash. The summer of 1912, Menno Basinger was again moving his jewelry store, this time to the southwest corner of High and Main streets.

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