Both can play over the top coverage or play the ball

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I think that I like to describe CTE [as] it really is a puzzle where we’re trying to assimilate pieces to better understand it, because there’s so much we don’t understand with regard to causation and incidence and who’s exactly at risk, and what are the risk factors and what things might we modify and certainly treatment. So we have a lot left to learn. But this is obviously another key piece as we move forward.“.

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You need to have a good plan versus the blitz. What do you plan on doing if your backed up on your own goal line? What’s your plan on 3rd and long and protecting your QB from their great defensive end? What are you going to open up with? These are all scenarios you need to think about and prepare for. Clearly, some of your priorities may change from week to week, but every situation should be accounted for.

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