Those who couldn’t afford a lawyer faced another

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„There’s no other way around it, he’s going to own up to it and he’s going to handle it and this locker room is going to have to come together because this is going to be a soap opera on the outside much like the media has portrayed us to be for the whole season.“The incident overshadowed a win that put Cleveland back in the playoff picture and breathed some life into a season that had been slipping away.“It feels like we lost,“ Mayfield said.Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Was shown replays of the brawl on the NFL Network set.“It ugly,“ Beckham said. „It not something we want in the NFL.“Rudolph, a second year player who took over for the injured Ben Roethlisberger in Week 2, has already missed time this season with a concussion after he was knocked unconscious from a helmet to helmet hit by Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas.Steelers coach Mike Tomlin refused to discuss the disturbing end game situation.Several Pittsburgh players were eager to give their views on what happened.“I don’t know how he got to the point that it’s OK to use a helmet as a weapon,“ said Steelers defensive tackle Cameron Heyward.

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