The policy ostensibly aims to sidestep controversy

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A variety of factors have been mentioned in the transformation of the NFL from a no trade league into one with actual trade deadline intrigue. There is a new generation of young general managers around the league not beholden to the traditional ideas about roster construction. Coaches, already forced to adapt to the practice related restrictions in the current collective bargaining agreement, have become more flexible.

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In the NFL, there is a time limit for celebrating a victory, savoring a good performance, lamenting a defeat or brooding over an on field mistake. Some teams call it a midnight rule; to others, it is a 24 hour rule. After that, it’s time to move on because it’s a week to week league and another game looms..

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wholesale jerseys It’s Week 2 of the NFL preseason, which is about 100 percent more important than Week 1 but probably around 36 percent less important than Week 3 (my numbers are a little fuzzy on this). In any case, even though the games don’t mean anything in the standings, they mean everything in terms of roster building, both in real life and in the fantasy football realm with peak draft period quickly approaching. So here’s a brief look at each game Saturday wholesale jerseys.