These funds will ensure that we can continue to meet

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The Lupus Alliance also offers Education Days, four times a year, held at their office in Bellmore at 2255 Centre Avenue. These Education Days are designed to help those who have lupus understand their disease, learn coping skills and how to be their own best advocate, and to find out about the latest in research, lupus medicines and more. Interaction and the sharing of personal stories is always encouraged at these meetings.

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How do you think you might feel? Very sad (most likely), guilty (perhaps), happy (to some degree if you know you can stop her suffering). So, do those emotions seem healthy and appropriate to you? Of course they do, and to experience them is human.Given the choice, you may not have wanted to face that situation in the first place, but we can always pick and choose what happens to us in life. We can only choose how we deal with those situations when they arise.So how could a person drive themselves into depression after such an event? It easy.

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