Last week, Miley Cyrus launched a new daily

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You’ll hear lines from comics who have been previously featured on HBO, NBC, and Comedy Central. Register on Eventbrite and they will send you a link with the lineup two hours before the show. Bring a snack, settle in, and prepare to laugh out loud.

Speaking of the beer, I was fortunate enough to try the brewer reserve beers. VIP treatment? I take it. First up was an unnamed Grape Ale, made from Sauvigon Blanc grapes provided by Martha Clara Vineyards in Riverhead. Hudson, to his credit, worked a scoreless ninth to give the Nationals a shot. They had stranded the bases loaded in the eighth. Next they put a runner on second with no outs in the ninth, breathing life into the final effort.

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I’m thinking all told with tax and everything it probably came to a hundred, a hundred fifty bucks with the fishing line thrown in (8 lb. Test). Not what you would get as a first fishing rod for your kids, but certainly one for a rank amateur who loves to fish like me.

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