As uncertainty about the season grew in recent days

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He was a one year fluke basically. He became injury prone towards his last few seasons, and he lost his starting job to arguably one of the worst career backup quarterbacks in the league in Blane Gabbert, and Blane freaking sucks. Yet it seems like the media is hyping up Kap to be the second coming of Joe Montana, and making it seem like the only reason he’s not in the NFL anymore is because of his protests, when that’s factually incorrect.

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Soon after that, Nationals infielder Josh Harrison and Phillies first baseman Rhys Hoskins sat in the same chairs and detailed each clubs‘ conversations. They all wanted to address reporters together.“This is a humanitarian issue. We’re all human beings,“ Martinez said as he grew emotional, speaking with the same thick throat and pauses that coated his comments Wednesday night.

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