They can’t have it both ways

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canada goose canada goose outlet CALGARY City police are leading the battle in Canada against the growing problem of so called „honour“ crimes.Over the past year, city officers have been taking training, attending presentations and meeting with social agencies to learn how to recognize honour based violence, how to ask the right questions and how to suppress it, as the force deals with a growing number of incidents.The Calgary Police Service is believed to be one of the only forces in Canada to take these steps.The recent high profile case of Ontario’s Shafia family in which three sisters and their father’s first wife were drowned in what was ruled an honour killing grabbed headlines across the country, but Calgary police say the problem is becoming increasingly prevalent in this city.“When we were doing our engagement with the community, we became aware that honour based violence was happening in a number of cultures here,“ said Staff Sgt. John Guigon with the Calgary Police Service’s domestic conflict unit.“Between 30 to 40 incidents this year we believe qualify as an honour based violence situation.“Honour violence is the physical and emotional abuse victims face when perceived as bringing shame to the family because of social norms or belief systems.It’s believed a March 1991 triple murder outside a Marlborough strip mall was linked to a family’s anger over a secret marriage.Kulwinder Kaur Dulay and her husband, Gurdawr (Gary) Singh Dulay, were gunned down on their six month wedding anniversary, along with Mukesh Sharma, who officiated the couple’s secret marriage.Kulwinder’s brother, Daljit Singh Dulay, was found guilty of two counts of first degree murder and one count of second degree murder. Court heard the man plotted to kill the newlyweds, who eloped, to avenge his family’s honour.

canada goose clearance sale July 14 2019 4:40PMEarthquake of 6.5 magnitude off WA coastMr Connolly said more aftershocks were expected to flow and that was „absolutely normal“ but he could not predict where, when and what size they would be.Derby resident Jody Gaunt was having a beer with friends when they felt the quake.“We were sitting outside and our chairs were rocking,“ she said.“The trees stopped moving and the breeze stopped blowing.“We were thinking, ‚Is this real or not real?‘ We’ve never had an earthquake up here, or a tremor.“Ms Gaunt, 53, said the quake was the talk of the neighbourhood and it was reported that items had been shaken off the shelves at the local Woolworths.In Port Hedland, The Walkabout Hotel employee Shelley said it felt like being on a vibrating machine.“It felt like being on one of those vibrating machines. It just sort of shook the building,“ she said, adding a colleague thought it was a jet from the neighbouring international airport taking off.The Roey Hotel employee Cindy said she saw cars moving in the earthquake.“I was outside and I just saw the cars moving. It was a bit scary. canada goose clearance sale Canada Goose sale If you are contemplating a zero tillage system there are a couple of points to bear in mind. First, plan your garden carefully. Try to plan it so you can access all parts of the garden bed without having to step on the soil. And, inside the Legislature, from Dec. 7 to 23, music groups from across Alberta perform free Christmas concerts.Article content continued4. Visit the Edmonton Christmas MarketThe ATB Place courtyard doubles as the North Pole, Thursday through Saturday until Dec. Canada Goose sale

cheap Canada Goose Think the conversation is, is the role of the police service? Their role is to serve and protect. What they do best they should do. Community needs to do what they do best, he said.. Today Papersport, brumbies, ACT Brumbies, Brumbies super rugby, Brumbies dan Mckellar, Brumbies crowds, Raiders crowds, Brumbies coronavirus, Canberra Stadium, Who can attend Brumbies games?ACT Brumbies coaches are set to be shunted to Canberra Stadium corporate suites to adhere to social distancing rules when they play their first game in almost four months. Brumbies and Canberra Raiders staff will meet ACT Health officials on Friday afternoon where it is hoped all will agree to crowd numbers and stadium configuration for the relaunch of live professional sport in the capital. Where the coaches sit and where the media will be placed are among the details to be finalised, while crowd numbers will depend on social distancing, family allocations and how much of the venue will be a „dirty zone“. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance „I think the biggest problem we’re dealing with is the stigma of addiction and understanding what addiction is and how we’re going to treat this,“ says Embry. „The war on drugs has been an absolute failure. We’re not going to arrest ourselves out of this problem. canada goose clearance

canada goose store More coal and more gas pushes emissions down? Only in Australia would this pass for legitimate debate.The very the same people who run this line also argue that stopping new mines and exporting less will make no difference. They can’t have it both ways.For decades Australian governments and fossil fuel companies have tried try to distract Australians from the enormous climate impacts of our fossil fuel exports.Australia’s fossil fuel exports contain more than twice as much CO2 potential as Australia’s domestic emissions. Australia is the biggest per capita domestic emitter in the OECD, and our exports do twice as much damage.Let’s be clear, the science hasn’t changed together, coal, gas and oil are the number one cause of the climate crisis engulfing this little planet we all share canada goose store.