„People don’t understand, Alex was still learning

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„Coach can open up his entire playbook,“ Smoot said. „People don’t understand, Alex was still learning the playbook, still learning the players. Colt [has] been here for [five] years. „A lot of times we’ll get half stories, especially when things first happen.“ Hopkins said. „I just wait it out to see how things actually unfolded, not just in Montae’s case, in anything. Once you find out, you kind of make your judgment after that.

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March 12: The New Orleans Saints have reportedly agreed to a four year deal for former Minnesota Vikings running back Latavius Murray. March 12: The Bills have reportedly reached agreements with a pair of wide receivers: former Cowboys slot receiver Cole Beasley and former Ravens deep threat John Brown. March 12: Former Broncos center Matt Paradis is planning to sign a three year contract with the Carolina Panthers, according to multiple reports.

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